Beach Soccer Worldwideに、茂怜羅オズ選手の夢先生の活動が掲載されました

Ozu Moreira – a ‘Teacher of Dreams’ in Japan

茂怜羅 オズ選手は、





The Nippon star has been involved in a project organised
by the Japanese Football Association to inspire children to follow their dreams.

Ozu Moreira, captain of the Japanese beach soccer team
continues to prove an inspiration
to young children in the country, both on and off the pitch.

The talented defender is one of the main ambassadors
in the program ‘Teacher of Dreams’,
hosted by the Japanese Football Association,
which encourages children to aim high and believe in their dreams.

Ozu tours through schools across the country,
explaining how he overcame various obstacles
and problems to become one of the best beach soccer players
in the world, competing at a number of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cups
as well as other elite-level tournaments.

As well as imparting the message that anything is possible
with hard work and determination,
Ozu also teaches the children some of the basic aspects of beach soccer,
fostering the next generation of Japanese beach soccer players.

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